Our Dogs


Daisy is a kind-hearted dog that is highly energetic and great with children. Excellent choice for customers seeking a playful friend.

Big Joe

Big Joe is a calm and loving dog. Big Joe excells at getting along with all other animals, be it dogs, cats or reptiles. Big Joe is a great choice for a customer looking for a lounging buddy with no conflicts.


Julie is a high-energy pup that is great with crowds. Julie can adapt to any situation, and is a great choice for parties or family get-togethers where a little fluff is needed. Julie is well-behaved and loves to be pet.


Suzie is a playful and cheerful puppy. Suzie is an excellent choice for customers that enjoy the outdoors or travelling. Suzie can handle most forms of transportation fine, and loves the sunshine. Very friendly with other dogs.


Jody is beautiful. Look at how beatiful Jody is. What an amazing dog.


Emily loves to play. Between belly-rubs and playing fetch, Emily is sure to bring a smile to your face. Emily is a fan of all toys and games, and comes equipped with a barrage of squeeky toys and tennis balls.

Casus Luciferi

Casus Luciferi loves to be around people. From petting to walks, Casus Luciferi is eager to spend time with companions. He is a big fan of playing fetch.

Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is our new adorable Siberian Husky companion, and is full of love. For all fans of cute, Mac DeMarco is sure to please, and is readily available to cuddle and play.

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